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TRUMP has frozen the F-35 in Turkey

The Brazilian F-35 escalates to Turkey, insisting on the Russian S-400 market.Turkey’s defense minister, Hulousi Akar, along with army chief Yasar Guller, travel hurriedly to Washington on Thursday. There, they will meet with US Defense Secretary Patrick Sahan and will talk about Syria, although the issue of the Russian S-400 and the American F-35 that Ankara wants to buy is also expected to be discussed.

Donald Trub signed a bill on state spending in the past few days, which «blocks» the F-35 tradition in Turkey until Foreign and Defense Ministers prepare an updated report on the purchase of Russian S-400 from Turkey.

However, this development does not seem to hurt Ankara. Turkey’s Israeli Defense Committee chief Ismail Demir said on Wednesday that the first set of Russian S-400s will be delivered in July and will be activated by October. The delivery of the second array will «be delayed for a while,» he added.

Demir, however, expressed Ankara’s dissatisfaction with the American proposal regarding the sale of a Patriot air defense system. It is recalled that Tayyip Erdogan said Turkey would decide whether to buy the American system, but he said he would buy the Russian missiles anyway.

«We can not accept the content and details of the proposal as they are at the moment,» Demir said. «The terms must be discussed, there are a number of issues that need to be clarified and a compromise must be reached,» he added.

It is worth mentioning that US Vice President Mike Pens called Tayyip Erdogan and asked him to break the deal with the Russians and buy the American missiles.

According to the middleeasteye website, quoting two Turkish sources, the phone call was made last week. In this, Pens asked the Turkish president to cancel the S-400 purchase agreement and to prefer Patriot. But Erdogan responded that Ankara’s deal with Moscow is in a state of no return, but he told him that Patriot did not meet all three criteria Turkey wants: valid tradition, joint production and transfer of know-how. Pence told him that Washington could speed up delivery, but gave no promise on the other two issues.

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