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MEP Evangelos Doules speaks to the Iefimerida and explains what is happening in Albania

The decision of all Albanian opposition MPs to hand over their seats and to ask the country’s President Ilir Meta for early elections and finding a solution to the enormous problems that the country is experiencing is analyzing at Icfimerida.gr the Greek destitute MP Evangelos Doules.
As explained by the ruling party’s relationship with organized crime and the economic situation in Albania, it has led citizens on the road and MPs to resign.

«The opposition resisted with one exception. The decision was taken unanimously by the main opposition. That is, from the democratic party, then from the second largest opposition party, which has 19 deputies, with one exception, and then from us the four independent deputies, who are also chairmen of four small parties. We jointly decided to resign from the position of Member so that we can find a solution in this way. Because the political life of the country is already very tense. You know very well that the 2017 elections were problematic. We had experienced it. However, the revelations of America’s Voice over the phenomenon of acquiring votes by members of Mr Rama’s party, senior executives, including ministers, and criminal record dealing with voting was the drop that overflowed the glass. Last Saturday, we had an unprecedented demonstration of the Albanian data. Massive in terms of bulkiness and pulse. But there was no affection on the part of Mr Rama’s government. So we hope that coupled with the ongoing demonstrations everywhere in the country will come the political solution that is no less than the resignation of the Prime Minister and his government and at the same time the establishment of a government service that will lead the country to new elections.

People’s rights are lost

As the chairman of the Human Rights party says, during the last six years of the rule of the Enti Rama, the Greek community has lost much of its rights, while at the same time there is a continuous effort to seize Greek property.

«Over the years, the Greek community faces many problems. They insist that the Albanian authorities do not recognize and disregard the right of self-determination. We have tremendous problems with ownership, education, our cultural and religious heritage. But in the last six years serious steps have been taken. I remind you of some of them. In 2014, with the new administrative reform in the area of ​​Chimaras, communities and regions have been added which are not even geographically connected. And why did this, With the ultimate purpose of altering the demographic composition so that Mr Rama’s Governing Party has the upper hand. With the ultimate objective of resisting Mr Rama’s strategy of altering property ownership in the Ionian seaside area, at the expense of the owners, most of them Greeks.

On the other hand, we have the first government after the fall of the totalitarian regime that Hellenism is not represented in the government and this is indicative of Mr Rama’s intentions. You know very well that it is a tradition in all the countries of the Western Balkans that minorities be represented in the government. This was also the case in Albania for 23 consecutive years. This is not the case with Mr Rama’s governments. And to avoid any misunderstanding I do not mean my own party. Of any Greek political origin, even from the ranks of the ruling party.

Rama talks about public opinion in Albania

«You have watched and brought to the public opinion of Greece the positions of Mr. Rama even for the Acropolis. According to the Prime Minister, those who saved the Acropolis were the Albanians. He tells other similar crazy stories, in which he conveys public opinion, cultivating intolerance and creating artificial barriers to strengthening relations between the two countries. »

He wants to go back to Greece-Albania relations

«You know that we as a party of the Human Rights Union aim to integrate the North Epirus with their own identity, their own pride, their own culture in Albanian society and at the same time a common European future. Rama has a different policy. This assimilation divides the Greeks into two categories. The good and the bad Greeks. Hello Greeks are the ones who succumb, subscribe to and apply their policies, and the bad Greeks are those who feel proud of their identity, striving for their dignity and for their respect. I must also refer to the tragic incident of the murder of Constantine Katsifa on 28 October 2018 by the Rama government, when he was responsible for the Interior Ministry. So you can see that I could also refer to many other acts and positions of Mr. Rama, which are aimed at bringing back the relations between Greece and Albania. At the moment when Albania needs more than ever the strong support of Greece for the start of negotiations for its accession to the European Union. »

Appeal to the polls

The solution according to the Greek MP is the immediate use of the polls, the fight against organized crime and the accession of Albania to the European Union.

«The country is sliding down every day and more, and that urgently needs to stop it. The moments are crucial because municipal elections have been announced for June 30. Albania is waiting for a response from the European Union at the June summit. If it goes ahead with the start of negotiations, which does not seem to be the case today. Well. If there is not a dot in Rama’s government, if there are no conciliation moves that will smooth the situation and lead to new elections, then the messages are messy. We hope and struggle so that we will soon lead to consensual solutions that will liberate forces and create momentum in all areas of the country. For years, the economy has been deprived of vital foreign direct investment for it. Where criminality is predominant, there can be no investment. Citizens are leaving the country in massive terms. The numbers of visa applicants for the United States of America are unprecedented by a lottery organized by the Americans. There are many people who are, of course, not entitled to asylum in the Nordic countries of Europe. For Greece, you know what’s going on. Unless the country’s governance changes, all these phenomena will intensify. «

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