Αρχική » ΑΡΘΡΑ » The road of 400 million euros has already cost 700 and the Greek state pays another 300. Greece of … contractors lives and reigns!»

The road of 400 million euros has already cost 700 and the Greek state pays another 300. Greece of … contractors lives and reigns!»


Investigation of the financing by the Greek State of the southern section of the E65 motorway and whether this funding falls under Article 107 of the EU Treaty. (under which State aid is prohibited in anti-competitive projects and activities), the Commissioner for Competition, Margrethe Vestager, asks the chairman of the Christian Democratic Party and an independent MP, Nikos Nikolopoulos.
In a letter to the Commissioner, Mr. Nikolopoulos notes, among other things, that the relevant decision of the Minister of Infrastructure provides inter alia that the State undertakes exclusively the cost of the construction of the southern section of EUR 300,000,000 and that the relevant financing will be paid per Semester. However, the above price and the specific contractual terms applicable to the assignment of the construction of the southern part of the E65 motorway were not provided for in the Amending Convention but were defined by a later agreement negotiated between the Minister of Infrastructure and Transport of 14.12.2016 and the Concessionaire, that is to say after the conclusion of the Amendment Convention, which essentially constitutes the award of a new contract by the Greek State, for which the applicable provisions should have been complied with. public procurement, which has not happened.

«The ministerial decision on the construction of the southern part of the E65 motorway, as well as the agreement between the Greek State and the Concessionaire, subsequent to the Amendment Convention, should therefore be the subject of an in-depth examination by the Commission to determine whether they have as a result of the granting of State aid to the Concessionaire, which is prohibited under Article 107 (1) TFEU, ‘notes Mr Nikolopoulos

The chairman of the Christian Democratic Party also remarks to the Commissioner that the conclusion of the Amendment Convention is pending before the Council of State on the grounds that its award was incompatible with the public procurement rules as it constituted the award of a new public contract , particularly in view of a significant number of substantial changes to the subject and critical conditions and hence the financial equilibrium of the original Convention.

«As we know, the result is that for the already constructed section of the E65 motorway that had an agreed cost of 400 million euros, the Greek State has already paid more than 700 million euros,» he says.

She also asks Mrs Vestager whether the Commission has already considered the ministerial decision concerned and, if so, what is its view and decision

«We are confident the honorable Commissioner that you appreciate the utmost concern expressed in this letter and that all the members of the Greek Parliament have a duty to take every measure aimed at the full protection of the public interest and public resources, state of our country. We will therefore be liable for your immediate reply and we are at your disposal for any further information or clarification regarding the above you consider necessary, «concludes Mr. Nikolopoulos.

On the occasion of the letter Nikos Nikolopoulos commented: «It is probably time for the EU to deal with. with them, the least strange assignments and modifications of contracts that eventually … convert the Jizika into a nightingale for public works and the Greek people. For decades now, I have been battling in Parliament to clean up the status of the works, which unfortunately continues to smell. Recently, in August, the bomb spilled over the largest financial scandal in modern Greece. The Competition Commission, taking advantage of the period, probably did not want the long-time «fagot» of the contractors’ cartel to be widely publicized, as well as having the unquestionable fact that it pleases and justifies those who fought under unequal conditions to impose fines of 80 million euros to companies that illegally won a few billions on the back of bankrupt Greece.

Personally, I feel proud that amidst political and economic additions, who wanted to crush my parliamentary role, I too struggled to finally get to the fines. But there may still be backpacks. The competent minister is allegedly directing Mr. Giannis Peristeris for the construction of the department of Lamia – Xyniada (E-65), «giving» 310 million euros, ie no auction will be held, so the public will lose 160 million of the 50% discount he could have received if he had gone through a competition (as was the case with Kalogritza). But the poor Greek.









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