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Tramp thinks to give thanks to Paul Manaft

Donald Trub’s advisers are afraid that the US president will give thanks to former head of his election staff, Paul Manaard, as he recently described him as the victim of a «witch hunt», the investigation conducted by Special Prosecutor Robert Muller.Manaport was found guilty at the beginning of the week for tax and other financial offenses.

Manavt has been targeted by Mueller who is investigating the possible collusion of Trabele’s presidential staff with Russia. However, the offenses for which he was convicted are not related to this case.

Trabble’s advisors say the president will award grace, although lawyers and other White House officials say they have persuaded him not to do so, according to Politico, who now relies on former government officials.

«Tramp is preparing it. He calls the witch-hunt research and says it would never happen to a Hillary Clinton advisor, «a former campaign executive told a website.

New Gingric, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives, and now a member of an informal group of Trabble external advisors, also told Politico that the president should not give thanks to Manafore because the charges he was convicted of did not concern him.

He and other consultants are trying to convince Trabbe not to take such a move before the November elections. They think it could turn boomerang and believe the Republican president is trying to conclude a rewarding deal with his former head of staff who may witness investigations into Russia’s involvement in the presidential election.

Source: RES-MPA-Sputnik








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