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Spiegel: US Neo-Nazis Infiltrate Germany – The Nuclear Brigade

Neo-Nazi Americans design according to «Spiegel» to set up their branch office in Germany.It is the neo-Nazi «Nuclear Brigade» that operates in the US under the German name «Atomwaffen» (AWD) and aims to act «with violence even with murders», as the German magazine writes.

It even publishes an internal document of the neo-Nazi organization that says «We will restore the men who practice violence, the violence of the highest quality».

According to the New York Times, AWD supporters in the US are accused of five murders. At least one German AWD fan is said to have participated in a «hate camp» in the US, according to «Spiegel».

The NYT writes that the AWD is one of the most violent groups of the extreme right, a decentralized organization, for which many still remain unknown.

«The extremist extremist group hopes to use terrorist violence to lead to the collapse of what we call the» System «, the government and the institutions that organize society. It has been set up in an online Iron Curve forum that is currently inactive and is organized into separate cores that include a handful of members. »

Researchers disagree on how big the group is. Kogan Hanks, an information analyst at the South Poverty Center in his ProPublica report, writes that the Upper Right Group had about 80 members. But Carla Hill, a researcher from the Anti-Defamation League, said she has no evidence that AWD has many members. He estimated that it consisted of 24 to 36 members actively engaged in weapons exercises in hate camps that the team operates.

In July, the federal government responded to a question from the Left party that there is no evidence that the terrorist organization AWD is operating in Germany. Die Linke reported to her question that a video titled «AWD Germany» was screened at a US site in early June. The video begins with the words «National-Socialism is alive».

According to information from the SPLC, an American organization providing legal assistance and information on the protection of minorities, the AWD was probably formed between 2012 and 2015 in Florida.

The SPLC cites a statement by Brandon Clint Russell, a convicted neo-Nazi saying the group is organizing military training with firearms for its members. Their aim is to destabilize the state and society.








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