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Senator John McCain died

Republican Senator John McCain – sometimes a prisoner of war in Vietnam and an unfortunate candidate for the US presidency in 2008 – died at the age of 81, a statement released by his political office said.John McCain dies on Saturday after an unequal battle with cancer in the brain he suffered from.

Who was John McCain?

John McCain was for 35 years now in the US political scene after his career in the army that ended with his captivity in the Vietnam War.

Here are five of the most important dates in his life.

    August 29, 1936

John Snyni McCain the third is born in the Panama Canal area. His father served as a submarine officer, his grandfather was an admirer: he naturally headed for a career in the armed forces. He became a pilot of the Navy, following his training at the Naval Academy of Annapolis.

    October 26, 1967

John McCain’s pursuit is hit by a surface-to-air rocket over Hanoi. The pilot uses his ejected seat. Captured. Fractures on both hands and feet are healed badly or not in the absence of care, and the American prisoner of war suffers beatings and torture during his detention, as will be narrated years later. It is liberated on March 15, 1973, after the end of the US military engagement in Vietnam.

    November 2, 1982

After leaving the Navy, John McCain, who gets divorced and remarried, is elected to the House of Representatives, representing the State of Arizona. Four years later, he is elected to the Senate. He will be re-elected senator five times. The force of his most recent mandate expired in 2022.

    September 4, 2008

After his defeat in 2000 in the run-up to George W. Bush, John McCain triumphs and becomes the Republican contender for the White House. The veteran politician will face a rising star of Democrats, Barack Obama. He elects a state governor, Sara Palin, nationally known as his candidate vice-president. The republican ballot paper suffered a heavy defeat in November of that year.

    July 28, 2017

At about 1:30 in the morning, John McCain, who is now diagnosed as having a brain tumor, enters the Senate’s Chamber and votes, pointing his thumb down, against the abolition of Obamacare, a framework law of the government Obama on the US health and social insurance system, torpedoing the fulfillment of Donald Trump’s emblematic promise. The American president is furious.








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