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«THE AGREEMENT WAS CLOSED»: GornaMakedonija in a word-This is the name of Macedonia that is chosen

Republika GornaMakedonija (Republic of Upper Macedonia) is the name of the neighboring country that ultimately opts for solution, according to information available to iefimerida.gr.

Valid sources assure that out of the four names proposed by Matthew Nimetz, the Republic of Gorna-Makedonia (Republic of Upper Macedonia) is in favor of both sides. The Greek side achieved the name not only to be Slavic but to be spoken in a word «GornaMakedonija», so that the word «Macedonia» never exists in the name.

The same sources state that the Skopje side had initially called the name Republika Nova Makedonija, while the Greek side had suggested that the neighboring country be called Republika Vardarska Makedonija (Republic of Macedonia of Vardari). From Nimetz’s package of proposals, a third solution was chosen by Republika GornaMakedonija (Republic of Upper Macedonia) agreed by both countries.

The information insists that the Greek-Macedonian pact has already been drafted by both countries and they have agreed on everything: an agreement will be signed in the near future on the name, the constitution change and the redemptions. The agreement will explicitly state that Macedonia will change the Constitution and redundant articles in a certain period of time.

The agreement will also describe in detail the economic and development relations of the two countries. Sources familiar with the dossier say that «Macedonia will develop into a sort of canton for Greece, with special development clauses, economic and commercial transactions.»

By 20 March, the agreement will be deposited with the UN, the sources say.

Archbishopric of Ohrid
They add, in fact, that a solution has also been found to the issue of the Church. The self-styled and unrecognized «Macedonian» Church, which had previously attempted to seek recognition from other Orthodox churches, will be referred to as the «Archbishopric of Ohrid», thus abandoning all irredentist aspirations. This solution has been discussed between Alexis Tsipras and the Archbishop at their recent meeting, and Mr Ieronymos is in agreement.

source: iefimerida.gr


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