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Adonis: I have matured in terms of phraseology – I do not want the name Macedonia in Skopje

His categorical refusal to accept the term «Macedonia» in the name of Skopje is expressed by the Deputy Chairman of New Democracy Adonis Georgiades.

Responding to Maximi’s repeated objections and the video with his statements he made public, where as a LAOS member, Mr Georgiades allegedly claimed that Karamanlis «sold out Macedonia», the vice-president of ND, speaking at the TV station » SBC «argued that» the ten years that have taken place have matured me in terms of phraseology. » Mr. Georgiadis argued that at that time he expressed the views of his party and described the restoration of the earlier statements of «last year’s grape vines».

«Last year’s sour grapes»

«I then expressed the positions of my then party, as I was obliged to do and as my voters had ordered me then. I resigned from a minister and a deputy, I went home, I was studying books, then the MPs of New Democracy elected me with a cross, having full knowledge of what I was saying before, so last year’s grapes are the answer, «said Georgiades.

In a televised confrontation with the director of the SYRIZA parliamentary group, Costas Zachariadis, Adonis Georgiadis attacked SYRIZA, describing the broadcasting of his broadcasts ten years ago, «ridiculing», while arguing that his mezzosopher matured his phraseology.

«The ten years that have passed me have matured in terms of phraseology. But I want to be clear. I do not want the name Macedonia in the name. I do not want it. Unlike Mr. Zachariades, who wants it. Regardless of what will be done in the end, our main difference at this table is that Mr. Zachariades represents a place that Macedonia raised and Macedonia brought them down, «said Georgiades, adding:» It is about another ridiculous . If I play the videos with what Tsipras used to say ten years ago. If I remember going to the Constitution and putting popular tribunals against the President of America as President of KNE, if I remember the «go back Merkel» that is recent, if I remember what I was saying that I would erase the memorandum with an article, would you tell me no need «.

Mr. Zachariades, in the same show, described Kyriakos Mitsotakis as «adventurous and politically dangerous». Commenting on rallies for the Macedonian, Mr. Zachariades argued that «the verdict is not recorded in a rally, it is imprinted on polls».

«Burned contributes to the graying of the Imia region»

Adonis Georgiadis, referring to Turkey’s challenges on the visit of Panos Kammenos to Imia, argued that with the incident caused, Mr Kammenos contributed to the «graying» of the region.

«When the Minister of Defense of Greece decides to go to Imia, he must go to Imia. Why we say it is Greek territory and it is not a gray zone. But when he decides to do so and can not go to Imia and stop the Turkish ships at a distance of several nautical miles, then what he does is to contribute to the graying of the area. Because the question is, why was the Minister of National Defense unable to go to Imia, «concluded Georgiades.


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