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Deputy Prime Minister of New South Wales: I recognize you as Macedonia

Ten day’s ago, Honorary Prime Minister and member of Monaro, Hon John Barilaro announced at a ceremony at Queanbeyan Community Center a sponsorship of $ 150,000 in Orthodox Christmas celebrations. Mr Barilaro also called on the Australian Government to recognize the fair and just name of the Republic of Macedonia.   

  I recognize you as Macedonia. Get 150,000 for your club – Hon John Barilaro – active prime minister

There is no politician in Australia who can rub the history and all the elements that show the Greekity of Macedonia, but also the occupation of part of the Greek lands by Slavs, Bulgarians and Turks.

The Greek community has to make intense demarches at all levels and to inform the Greek communities and all Greek expatriates about organizing movements and démarches everywhere.

Watch the video:

As Greece and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia are preparing to resume talks to resolve their conflict, an Australian politician has decided to give an opinion and urged the federal government to impose sanctions for granting a historical name.

Speaking at a Queanbeyan ‘Macedonian’ Community event to celebrate Orthodox Christmas, an audience including FYROM Ambassador to Australia, Vele Trpevski, and New South Wales active Prime Minister and Monaro member John Barilaro, called on the Australian government to recognizes the Republic of Macedonia.

Deputy Prime Minister of New South Wales began with a reference to Australia Day as a celebration of the multicultural nature of the country and praised the «Macedonian Community» for its contribution to the state. «Of course, I am the son of Italian immigrants and I understand the history of immigration and immigration the great history of culture, religion and faith,» he said. «What I have always loved about the Macedonian community at Queanbeyan is how tight you have been to tight, how you have stayed proud of who you are and you raise your children to be proud of, of course, the sons and daughters of immigrants who chose Australia to be their home. «

Addressing an audience that included the FYROM Ambassador to Australia, Vele Trpevski, the prime minister, said he would «always recognize the Republic of Macedonia» and called on the federal government to do the same: «I hope in 2019 – and I know the Ambassador is very strong in this – it is the year the world comes to his feelings, that Australia as a nation, the federal government comes to its feelings and recognizes as the only legitimate name the Republic of Macedonia, «he said.

Deputy Prime Minister Barilaro completed his speech by offering a gift to the community, a $ 150,000 NSW government grant to the community center «Macedonia». The whole incident was recorded on video and released through the social media, much for the disappointment and wrath of the Greco-Australian community of New South Wales.





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