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» Tsipras in America: Yankees … come back!»

The Prime Minister’s visit to the United States is, of course, a major political event. Whether or not he wants it, Alexis Tsipras, the US side will not just talk about the Greek economic crisis, Greece’s position in the Eurozone, the issue of relations with the IMF and the prospects for investment in Greece.All aspects of bilateral relations will be brought to the table, with particular emphasis on geostrategic and geopolitical issues, which are relevant to developments in the South East. The Mediterranean, the Middle East, the Greek-Turkish, the Cypriot, the energy pipelines and the hydrocarbons, the refugee-immigrant, etc.

How ready is Mr. Tsipras to discuss – deeply and to the extent that the national interest imposes – such serious geostrategic issues?

We will write it plainly: Greece’s geopolitical position is the strongest paper of Hellenism to ensure its survival and to secure the conditions for restarting the country towards a better and safer future of social and economic reconstruction and recovery.

The paper, however, acts like a «double-edged sword»: If you play it right, it can do its best. If you play it in the wrong way, there is the danger of opening the door of hell on your own. And then, the painful memorial years of «sweat and blood» will look like a spring walk in a flowered garden, in the face of the suffering that will be caused by a Greek engagement in a geostrategic crisis.

The Prime Minister has a historic opportunity in front of him. So far, unlike the dangerous games he made in the Eurozone – and cost us more than 86 billion – he was particularly attentive with the Americans.

Now, however, tea and sympathy is not enough … The criticism of international developments requires it to get ahead and take a stand. In this field and at the marginal stage that Greece is today, neither tactics nor communication games can be found in ignorance or disregard of danger.

If it really wants to offer to the country, it should not only pave the way for Greece to become a privileged ally of the US in the South. The Mediterranean and the Balkans (regardless of who is the President of the United States), but at the same time must personally close the capital of sterile and unpopular anti-Americanism, which has dominated Greece for many decades, with its main source the Left which never forgot the crucial role of the Americans in rescuing the bourgeois regime in Greece after the Second World War), combined with the political and psychological grids that this Cold War bequeathed.

This overshoot must now be made, when the historical conjuncture gives Greece the opportunity to drastically upgrade its relations with the United States, to the benefit of the Greek people.

The events in the wider regional area of ​​Greece are momentary:

1. In the Middle East, the borders of many states, engraved at the end of colonial rule, are liquidated (Syria, Iraq).

2. There is a growing dynamic of new independent states, with Kurdish populations being a crucial entity.

The referendum on full independence in Masud Barzani, an autonomous and federal Kurdish government, is triggering rapid reversals that dramatically affect all the countries in the region, Turkey, Syria, Iran and, of course, Iraq.

3. The close cooperation of the US with the Syrian Kurdish militias (YPG), which successfully fight against ISIS and the American policy in Kurdish in general, pours oil into the fire that has fired in the US’s relations with the Erdogan regime. The latest episode is the suspension of visas issued by the two states for those who want to travel from one country to another.

Turkey’s purchase of the Russian S-400 anti-aircraft system has further reinforced suspicion between the two governments.

4. The SEA Mediterranean basin is becoming a privileged field of exercise of geostrategy of energy and diplomacy of pipelines.

American companies – «gossips» in the field of exploration and extraction of hydrocarbons, have already been active in the Cyprus EEZ (Exclusive Economic Zone) and have a keen interest in extending their activities to the territorial waters of Greece.

At the same time, a new energy pipeline map is being drafted in the region, through which the exploitation of the rich underwater deposits under Israeli control, with a similar perspective and the potential deposits of Cyprus, is planned.

Under certain conditions, this underwater energy wealth could, with the cooperation of Israel, Cyprus and Greece, reduce the energy dependence of Western Europe on the Russian Federation.

5. Liquidity, instability, and verbal attacks that characterize Erdogan’s behavior towards the West introduce dangerous parameters and Turkish manipulations in the Refugee-Migration Problem. Turkey has been closing the taps of refugee and migratory flows to the Greek islands lately to remind the European governments – such as the German, which has become more vulnerable after the entry into the House of Xenophobic AFD – that it can politically destabilizing them at the discretion and choice of the Turkish leader.

6. Turkey, a «pre-eminent fortress» of Western interests in the past, today is the absolutely unpredictable factor. In fact, with patterns of writing that multiply worries about the closest and distant future. And yes, the big loopholes created by the Turkish Armed Forces cleansing, following the coup attempt, shorten Turkish military power, but in the future Turkey’s over-equipping, which is progressing rapidly, will bring it to regional superpower in the wider a regional zone, including Asia Minor, The Mediterranean, the Middle East, and the Balkans.

We recall that, among other things, Turkey receives the first F-35s (US fighter jets which are considered the finest in the world) in 2018, proceeds to the construction of a medium-sized aircraft carrier, completes the construction of Turkish tanks of new generation, installs the Russian anti- S-400 completes the construction of Turkish amphibious vehicles for shipyards against islands (what are the islands in your mind? …) and the ballistic missile development program they are already 150km ahead of the 280km. Whether this latest program also conceals late thoughts about future use of nuclear energy not only for peaceful purposes remains to be seen in the future.

Under these circumstances, Greece stands out as the prime pole of stability and security for Western interests in the region. Assuming, of course, that its leadership will believe it first and serve it consistently and methodically in the depth of time, without ideological and political austerities and obsessions.

If we stay behind, now that the map and the dynamics of the influences are redesigned, there is a danger that we will find ourselves in the future in the face of national deadlocks.

Of course, I’m upgrading my strategic relationship with the US does not mean that I’m under the sway of American interests. Nor do I give up the right to criticize and disagree with American politics where the interest of Greece implies. I do not erase the collective memory, nor the US support for the Aprilian dictatorship, nor their attitude, when Attila invades Cyprus.

Privileged allies do not mean «yes men» !. It means policymakers in the explosive peripheral zone to which Greece belongs, in a way that serves Greek national interests, converging with the interests of the West and the United States.

Now will you tell me what do you ask of those who were clothed in KNE and melted many pairs of shoes on the path to the US Embassy?

I ask the realistic and self-evident. If and if they wish to respond to the historical circumstances and to protect Hellenism from dangerous future adventures. If not, let them stay with his praise … Karanica and his comrades, representing that … a tough electoral rate of 1.5%! …


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