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Tsipra-Lagarde Meeting – «The IMF’s Role in the Debt Issue»

The relief of the Greek debt and the timely completion of the third assessment were at the heart of the meeting of Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras with the IMF ‘s irony lady, Christine Lagarde.

After the meeting, which lasted about 1.5 hours, Christine Lagarde gave a joint press conference with the Prime Minister, who expressed the conviction that the Interdependent Monetary Fund would play a vital role in the debt issue.

The head of the International Fund talked about a productive meeting with the prime minister, while congratulating the government on the reforms.

He made a special reference to the pension reform which he described as «remarkable».

In turn, Alexis Tsipras also reiterated from the IMF headquarters that «Greece returned» – a statement he made earlier in the dinner given by the Greek Consulate General in Chicago at the National Hellenic Museum.

The prime minister also referred to the strengthening of economic recovery and surpluses.

«There is no doubt that the enormous efforts of the Greek people are fruitful,» he noted, and added: «We agreed [bg. with Christine Lagarde] that it is in the interests of all parties that the third evaluation be completed in time. «

In fact, the prime minister said he was happy that «everyone wishes to complete the 3rd assessment» as soon as possible and said that «completion of the assessment will allow the Greek economy to maintain its upward course.»

He expressed the hope that the IMF will play a vital role in the debt issue.

Alexis Tsipras arrived at the IMF headquarters in Washington a few minutes after 00:30 (Greek time), where the head of the Fund welcomed him.

After the standard photos, the prime minister had a brief quad-a-tat with Christine Lagarde, and then the head of the European Affairs Office Paul Thomsen, the Deputy Director of the Department of Strategy, Policy and Review of the IMF Hus Breddebam, First Deputy General Manager of the International Monetary Fund, David Liaptan, Deputy Finance Minister George Houliarakis, and IMF Representative to the IMF, Michalis Psalidopoulos.

Video from the arrival of Alexis Tsipras at the IMF headquarters




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