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Malta: A dead journalist accusing the government of corruption – They put a bomb in

The journalist who led the search for corruption in Malta, following the revelations of the Panama Papers, was killed on Monday by a bomb explosion in her car.
The Daffy Caruana Galicia, a Peugeot 108, was completely destroyed by the powerful explosive mechanism. The 53-year-old, mother of three, was known for her blog, and recently Politico described her as «a WikiLeaks in her own», as she puts it with the establishment and figures of the underworld, writes Guardian. The target was from banks that made money laundering until the relationship between online gambling in Malta and the Mafia.

In one of the latest revelations, linking the Prime Minister of Malta Joseph Muscat, and two of his closest collaborators with offshore companies, in case of sale of the country’s passports and payment by the government of Azerbaijan.

Over the last two years, he has been working mainly on the revelations of Panama Papers. The scandal that broke out sprang up Muscat’s husband with a virtual company in Panama and payments from the daughter of the president of Azerbaijan. Many called for the Prime Minister’s resignation, but he called for early elections.

Daffy Carouana Galicia

Local media reports that 15 days ago, Galicia had reported to the police that she was threatening her life.

The President of Malta, Maria Louise Correiro Praque, has asked for the calm to prevail. «At such times, when the country is shocked by such a brutal assault, I urge all sides to count their words, not to cast any responsibility and show solidarity,» he said.

For his part, Muscat spoke of a «brutal assault» and asked the police to turn to the security services of other countries to locate the perpetrators. «Everyone knows that Caruana Galicia was my fierce critic at both political and personal levels. But no one can justify such a barbaric action, «he added.


Nationalist leader Andrija Delia – who was also in the spotlight of the journalist – said her assassination was related to her reports. «Today a political murder was committed. What happened was not an ordinary murder. It is a consequence of the absolute collapse of the rule of law that has been going on over the last four years, «he said.


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