Αρχική » ΑΡΘΡΑ » In the hands of HELLENIC POLICE images of the murderers of Zafeiropoulos – «Clean» the gun

In the hands of HELLENIC POLICE images of the murderers of Zafeiropoulos – «Clean» the gun

More details about the murderers of Michalis Zafeiropoulos are gathered by the Greek police. According to the latest information, the perpetrators, by making an appointment with the unlucky lawyer, also gave him mobile communication with them.In addition, at least 20 movements of the murderers, Zafeiropoulos and his partner in the office area, were in the 20 minutes of the fatal meeting.

A new element is that in the last few minutes one offender threatened his partner Zafiropoulos with a gun and isolated him in another place while the second actor stayed with the lawyer to express the pre-eminent speech of his visit.

EL.AS. has images of the perpetrators

The responsible officers will not make sketches of the perpetrators, as they seem to have in their hands, images of security cameras, which are, however, not clear.

The weapon of murder was «clean»

From the first results of the ballistic tests, the particular weapon is not related to another criminal act. Finally, the police officers estimate that the perpetrators have gathered the calf before leaving.


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