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Welt: False elements of Athens for refugees – It does not guard the borders

Die Welt accuses the Greek government of «cooking» numbers for refugees in our country, but also of deliberately defending the border in order to leave for Germany.Every month, 15,000 asylum seekers arrive in Germany, mainly following the Balkan route, although politicians say it is closed, the German newspaper reports. «One of the most important reasons for this is that countries like Greece and Bulgaria deliberately keep the external borders and continue to send waves of refugees to central Europe against EU rules. Many people end up in Germany,» the article continues.

This is also home to a statement by the German Ministry of the Interior, according to which «The findings from the countries along the Balkan road are indicative of the continuing migration flow from Greece».

Sources from the German security services and diplomatic circles of the EU quoted by Die Welt report that Greece makes false statements about the number of refugees in the country, thus misleading the real extent of the issue. «Athens speaks about 62,000 refugees inland and islands. In fact, only about 40,000 people live in the country, although this year alone 20,000 new asylum seekers have arrived in the Aegean islands, «the article continues.

Indeed, the UNHCR has confirmed this assessment, stating to Die Welt that 44,000 refugees are supported in Greece. In addition, the report continues, the number of refugees in the five hotspots in the Greek islands is lower than the 13,600 reported by the Greek government in its latest update. «We estimate it is at most 10,000,» a senior EU official told the paper.

German internal security documents clearly state: «The pressure of migratory flows from Greece to Germany remains unimpaired», while it is noted that alternative routes have been created.


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