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The fatal (?) Mistake of the murderers of Michalis Zafiropoulos

Absolutely «read» were the perpetrators of the murder of Michalis Zafeiropoulos as evidenced by EL.AS. However, they may have made a basic mistake that may lead to their identification.

The two perpetrators initially claimed that their relative had been arrested for robbery. All this seems to be a non-existent affair, but this «alibi» was a good excuse to immediately close the appointment to Asklepios 154.

Then, when they entered the office of Mich. Zafeiropoulos, the two perpetrators began to discuss the attorney’s cases until they entered the «roast». In fact, information from EL.AS – after a thorough analysis of the notes kept by Mich. Zafeiropoulos – reported that they had also discussed a case that had been handled by the unfortunate criminal. However, in their quest to keep the conversation until they show the real reason for their presence, the two perpetrators seem to have been dragged into reports of real people and criminal affairs, a fact that «revealed» their identities.

According to officers handling the case, the two suspects come from a Balkan country and at least one of them seems to be labeled – perhaps the second. The results of the Criminal Investigation and DNA Research Laboratories are now expected to examine the findings from the scene of the crime to find out if the two suspects were really the fat night at Mich. Zafeiropoulos.

In addition, police officers will show photos of suspects to the 32-year-old criminal practitioner who was present to see if they recognize the perpetrators.

According to EL.AS. officers, the most likely scenario is to press Mihalis Zafiropoulos, for a business or personal affair. The possible refusal of the well-known criminologist to surrender to some of their demands has caused tension and an armed threat of perpetrators to succumb to their demands.

In the context of this controversy, according to police estimates, the fatal shooting resulted in the fatal injury of the unlucky lawyer. That is, they wanted to scare or blackmail him for something and the fatal result arose.

Tossa: Research is on track

Tragical described the incident of the murder of lawyer Michalis Zafeiropoulos, Deputy Minister of Citizen Protection Nikos Toskas.

Speaking to the 24/7 Radio, Mr. Toskas did not want to extend to operational details regarding the investigations to identify and arrest the perpetrators of M. Zafeiropoulos’ murder but stressed that «they are proceeding at a good pace and we will see what will occur «.


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