Αρχική » ΑΡΘΡΑ » Surprise suggestion from Tzavarra: Referendum for administrative separation of Ilia from the West. Greece

Surprise suggestion from Tzavarra: Referendum for administrative separation of Ilia from the West. Greece

The organization of a direct referendum in Ilia for the separation from the West Region. Greece, and Kostas Tzavaras suggests joining the Peloponnese.

The MP Ilia and the parliamentary representative of the ND call on the mayors of the county to take relevant initiatives.

The excerpt from Mr Tzavaras’ interview with the Patris newspaper:

«I have repeatedly mentioned the fact that the Region of Western Greece is an institutional structure that has to date a birth defect and causes a permanent anomaly. It is the reason why we are not to be an administrative part of the Peloponnese, to which we belong. Abroad, when they speak of a periphery of Western Greece, they can not realize that this is part of the Peloponnese. The only treatment of this anomaly could come from the use of Olympia’s name as a constituent of the name of the Region of Western Greece.

I have proposed renaming it to «Olympic Region of Greece». In this way, the symbolic effectiveness that would result from the use of the name «Olympia» in the global projection of the Region is inconceivable. Unfortunately, it seems that such a proposal is rejected by the patriots, who insist on using as a brandname of the region a stupid and ridiculous phrase «GoWest», a name that does not mean and mainly does not declare anything when referring to Ilia.

The sooner we break out of this story, the more effectively we will be able to take advantage of the comparative advantages of Ilia, which, above all, is inconceivable not to support their supremacy in Olympia’s cultural reserve. That is why I believe there is a need to organize a referendum at EU level in the near future. Ilias for our separation from the Region of Western Greece. I call on the front of the mayors of Ilia to take this assumption because only a long way from Western Greece and within the Peloponnese there is a future for Ilia «.


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