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Lagarde in Tsakaloto: Quickly close the rating

Greece will go to markets, with or without the IMF. That was the message of Euclid Tsakalotou to his interlocutors, in Washington.
At the meeting with Christine Lagarde, the IMF Chief Executive and the Finance Minister agreed to a quick evaluation to speed up the procedures to help Greece get out of the program.The two interlocutors, according to the mignatiou website, agreed that the evaluation should be completed by the end of the year, in order to put the debt issue on. Still, the minister allegedly asked for clarity about the position of the IMF, transferring the Tsiphra message to Lagarde.

«Greece will do its best to complete the third assessment and believe that the formation of a government in Germany will have ended by then,» he said at the same source that has knowledge of the talks. The Greek government wants a debt deal in February when the assessment is over.

The opposite view of Athens with the French Finance Minister, who «transferred» the debt issue to June, expressed the same source. «In February, the IMF assessment is scheduled for completion. It is feasible to have the scenario agree on the debt then. There will be enough time to make our way out of the markets, «he said.

The same source noted that Athens wants the Fund in the program just because it helps with the debt issue. «If the Fund withdraws from the Program, it does not concern us with the exit to the markets. Greece can live without the IMF, «he said.

The economic staff stressed to its interlocutors that Greece would achieve the primary surplus targets in 2018, according to the same information.

Mr. Tsakalotos met with investors, while he also had political talks at the IMF headquarters. Together with Mr. Houliarakis and Mr. Haritsis, they met with investors. Their questions were encouraging, they were not aggressive but illustrative, they did not doubt the government’s determination, he said, according to the same article.

Also, Mr. Tsakalotos met with US Deputy Secretary of International Economic Relations David Malpas, who allegedly said the IMF is doing well and pressing for debt. Mr Malpas promised that Washington would also push Germany to make progress on the debt issue and reiterated the line of the previous Obama administration. There is no significant difference from Mr Malpa’s predecessor, only a slight divergence was highlighted by the source.


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